Future Bass

New track "LOW FADE" available now on Mondaze Finest from Saturate Records and Clapyourfeet.de !!

Saturate Records and Clap Your Feet just dropped a huge new tune from me called Low Fade. This kicks off this years' season of Mondaze Finest!

"“LOW FADE” is a gritty west coast hip-hop track coupled with VNDMG’s signature haunting atmospherics and techy sound design. It’s a dark tune suitable for high energy DJ Sets or just bobbing your head along in your ride. It’s not your classic banger, but don’t be fooled, the track SLAPS. A low swinging sub-bass and original vocal cuts from Turtleneck set the scene; riding in your 82′ Lowfade, hitting some purple kush and…."


New track from VNDMG and Joe Mousepad - "Do it to Death"

VNDMG and Joe Mousepad present “Do It To Death”, a dark, dance floor oriented tune which blends the best of what 808/trap music and hip-hop have to offer. The technical production style of VNDMG provides a strong foundation for veteran Bay Area MC Joe Mousepad’s cerebral flow.

inquiries: joe.mousepad@gmail.com
FB: on.fb.me/ZS6uol
SC: bit.ly/1pORIFY

inquiries: vndmg@vndmg.com
FB: on.fb.me/1bjRKiK
SC: bit.ly/185Pig8
Twitter: bit.ly/1eeqmEz
Bandcamp: bit.ly/OzspMg